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If you are interested in booking your Chinese courses with Hutong School Shanghai or if you have any further questions, please contact us or call 21.
Study China in a Global Context abroad in Shanghai, China next semester or year Choose from a wide range of English-taught courses in international affairs.
Chinese Classes just for you Have you always wanted to improve your Chinese but never found the time? Look no further! Hutong School in Shanghai offers a...

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Subscribe to our newsletter. Analysis of economic and social trends: understanding economic and social evolution and how this influences fashion consumption. It aims to help students build a global perspective of CSR and sustainable business, with a strong mindset of applying practical knowledge to local issues.

courses china shanghai

Price per hour RMB. The CIEE Study "Courses china shanghai" has wireless access and you will also be able to access the ECNU campus wireless network. There is a heavy emphasis on reading from this level covering topics such as current events, social sciences, history, and literature. Free advice from our friendly language travel experts. By clicking Register, I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Since enrollment is limited to maintain quality and facilitate cultural immersion, participation on any particular field trip is not guaranteed and is based on total program enrolment and other factors, courses china shanghai. Manager of Student Services Born in Canada, Laura Harris first explored her intellectual curiosities while earning a degree in Piano Performance from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and a M. Wuzhen has never changed its name, location, waterways, or way of life. Chinese courses in Hangzhou. Interested students must submit a research proposal including a clearly defined research topic, explanation of research plans, description of preparation in the planned area of study, courses china shanghai of resources, tentative outline of a final paper, and suggested schedule of progress. A range of practical topics such as introducing oneself, discussing daily routines, how to make acquaintances, entertaining guests, shopping, negotiating price, asking for directions, seeing a doctor. Come joint us to witness and learn about the dramatic transformation of China, as the nation emerges to take a dominant role on the international political stage, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent world. Prerequisite: Knowledge in international relations, public policy, general management, microeconomics, accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior and human resource will be helpful but not compulsory. Already in china Chinese courses in Beijing. Our programs Learn Chinese in china Intensive Chinese Program. However, Corporate English training tends to concentrate on the business and commerce sector of English language teaching and training. Please sign up or log in to view detailed information on dates and fees. The programme centers around listening comprehension, speaking practice, reading, and intensive general vocabulary sale ford escort kenosha wisconsin. We emphasize on the practical approach to identify solutions for workplace issues and challenges. NYUSPS Programs in Business English Connect With Us.

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The average class size is four students. See why Shanghai is so great. This course provides the students an opportunity to participate in office projects with some of the sponsoring companies in a real world business environment. The first is a basic understanding of Chinese foreign policy. Site visits to historic sites and neighborhoods arranged by NYU enable students to explore this city beyond the campus. They will create a winning placement of their product through the definition and analysis of competitors.

courses china shanghai

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