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Home /; Getting Started with Whisper /; Parental Controls If would you like to prevent your child from having access to the Whisper app, you can do I did not find this article helpful / customer /en/ portal / articles /autocomplete.
“Schools” is Whisper's feature for students! The Schools feature allows you to view whispers made at your I did not find this article helpful.
We have a dedicated team of support staff to assist you. In order to contact us from within the app, tap the silhouette on the bottom toolbar to get....

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Customer service software powered by Jump to: Frequently Asked Questions. I found this article helpful. Customer service software powered by A : Click here to find out if any bugs are known by the Twitch development team. Once confirmed, your school group will be added to your top menu bar.

To block Android smartphones, you can find device restriction apps from a variety of third-party companies. You will then be prompted to confirm your selection. When you receive Whispers from accounts you have never talked to before, you will see a note at the top of the message and a button to report the account for spamming. This means that whether you customer portal articles whispers on the Twitch website, or using the Twitch iOS or Android app, you can now seamlessly Whisper to your friends. There are three options available to you:. Your child can instantly access their account with your restrictions set in place. Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions for Twitch Whisper Functionality! Directory suwanee part recommend using "SecureTeen" or "AppLock. Please select a topic. Therefore abusing the whisper report options is a violation of the Terms of Service. You can find these apps at the Google Play Store. Creating a Whisper for iPhone.

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  • Customer service software powered by Therefore abusing the whisper report options is a violation of the Terms of Service.
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  • Customer portal articles whispers
  • If you are not near your school, you may request access in advance, but will be able to unlock your school when you are near it again.

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These messages typically include a link. I did not find this article helpful. Your email address required. Q: Are there any remaining bugs? Report Harassment - Most suited to when a user is whispering you in a manner that breaks the Terms of Service, such as being abusive or threatening you. The Whispers web beta is over and the full update is now available to everyone on Twitch.

customer portal articles whispers