dating deal breakers legal separation versus divorce

I'm not sure if this is a deal breaker for me. (Laughs) I think the better question is “Do I want to be dating this person or not? just got divorced a month ago and there are all sorts of legal battles and drama and chaos . My issue has been meeting men who are just separated, which is a whole other issue!.
I prefer men who have been dating for a bit AFTER their divorce. . So what's the difference if he is legally separated and getting a divorce and.
He knows darn well he is not legally divorced, and he chose to lie to you. .. It is well known that " separated " status is a dealbreaker for a lot of people. There is a vast difference between being married and separated, and  Separated from wife, got involved with someone else.

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The second time, as soon as I found out, I asked a few point-blank questions, got the answers I needed insurance reasons only , and then when the year came and went without a divorce, I told him to get the divorce or get a new girlfriend. I also offer affordable personalized support at Ask Melissa. Personal Goals and Happiness. Or maybe your intuition is picking up on a red flag? For me, I am not opposed to dating a man that IS divorced. Got very close again but were still separated and he was still out there declaring to every woman he met that he was getting divorced even though we were fwb and married...... He told me that this last Sunday would be the last time we would met because of all these issues I mentioned before. Similar to your situation, my ex and I are living separately, finances mostly disentangled although we own a house together which adds complexity , etc.

dating deal breakers legal separation versus divorce

Dating deal breakers legal separation versus divorce - - going fast

My assumption is that anyone who's less than a year out of a marriage or other LTR isn't a suitable prospect for a new I would wholeheartedly agree with that. One more thing because, economy. I on the other hand am in a very difficult situation with a man.