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Page The Official Arsenal Thread Sports Forum. Bayern are at home to Olympiacos which means they'll definitely win. Even if they field.
Preseason Prem thread: F Arsenal | Page 4. Discussion in ' Sports Bar' started by Carl Drogo, Jul 24, Thread Status: Not open for further replies.
Olympiacos are an average side and we should play them off the park. . confident we will) I nominate TGG to start all our pre match threads.

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Sucks we lost at Dinamo cause we cant really rest players here. Roman Abramovich- Messi is getting world class put next to his guy is a talented he becomes world player of the year ill eat my jocks. Adding Chamberlain on the wing would be a disaster. Last post by ThisIsNotAnID. Hopefully Coquelin is back for the weekend.. forum threads arsenal olympiacos sport

Luis Garcia Stunning Volley

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All forum comments are the sole responsibility and property of forum users. But does that mean he starts against United?. UEFA Champions League Group Stage. Fourth team is a bit shitty, you have to cut them some slack. How are you today mate?