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Story: Roman general and politician Julius Caesar returns home triumphantly after defeating Pompey, his former ally, in battle. Although.
George Clooney as Baird Whitlock in the new film Hail, Caesar! In our second segment, we turn our attention to the more general category of films to which Hail, Caesar! belongs: entertainment Music News Arts & Life.
Crain's Detroit Business reported on Tuesday that Pistons owner Tom Gores is seeking land north of Little Caesars Arena for a new practice....

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I am happy about making things and about the kindness of strangers who help me make things. His parents were Gaius Caesar and Aurelia, daughter of Lucius Aurelius Cotta. Subscribe to the Early E-Edition. It's hosted by Linda Holmes , who can be reached via Twitter or our much more formal contact form. Vitellius met his end by being tortured on the Scalae Gemoniae, killed and dragged by a hook into the Tiber. When Augustus' succession plans had been foiled by deaths, he adopted Tiberius as his son and had Tiberius adopt as his own son his nephew Germanicus. Tags: Pistons , Red Wings , Tom Gores , Mike Ilitch , Olympia , Image. Galba's agents won over to their side Nero's praetorian prefect.

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Suetonius says "He was the first to establish a regular salary of a hundred thousand sesterces for Latin and Greek teachers of rhetoric, paid from the privy purse. And if you're familiar with them, then you know Caesars Entertainment — one of the world's most diversified casino-entertainment providers. AEG Presents AEG Presents is one of the largest live music companies in the world. Glen has a theory of what it's about, I have your cultural genealogy for the Channing Tatum dance number, and we've all got feelings about Chris' Michael Gambon impression specifically, mine are that it's amazing. Best Things to Do In Detroit. Detroit Lions Season Preview. Seneca the Younger was a contemporary, but he was a philosopher with personal reasons for disliking the emperor -- Caligula's criticism of Seneca's writing and his sending Seneca into exile. Subscribe to the Early E-Edition.

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American Business Network's "Business Owners Building Value" Workshop. Pop-Culture News And Analysis From NPR. Vespasian's parents, of the equestrian class, were T. Galba antagonized many, including Otho, who promised financial rewards to the praetorians in exchange for their support. Hey, Gwinnett: HGTV wants to give you a home makeover. Otho offered to share the power and to make Vitellius his son-in-law, but that was not in the cards. Following the Julio-Claudians and the chaotic year of the four emperors, Vespasian was the first of the Flavian Dynasty of Roman emperors.

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COLORFUL SCALING LADDER SEESAW EXERCISE WHEEL HAMSTERS MOUSE PLAYING About PRI navigate. Bob is happy about seeing an actress he categories view beach on a show where she gets to shine. Otho offered to share the power and to make Vitellius his son-in-law, but that was not in the cards. In April, the soldiers in Rome and the Senate swore their allegiance to Vitellius. Cheree Berry Paper Celebrates Life's Special Moments. This meant Titus had enough military training and was ready to be a legatus legionis when his father Vespasian received his Judaean command.
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General arts culture news caesars Vespasian's parents, of the equestrian class, were T. Augustus' rule of Rome ushered in an era of peace. Tags: PistonsRed WingsTom GoresMike IlitchOlympiaImage. We try to get to the bottom of what makes these stories fascinating, and I float a theory about why your fictional entertainer should perhaps not be a genius. View Caption Hide Caption. Tiberius was the son of Ti. Major sources on Nero include Suetonius, Tacitus, and Dio, as well as inscriptions and coins.