identify russian blue

Your cat is special -- he's yours, right? -- but his grey coat doesn't necessarily mean he's a Russian blue. Domestic shorthairs' vast gene pool sometimes yields.
And the rescue shelter told me that she is a Russian Blue and Domestic short hair mix. I think I saw her litter and she was the only one who.
An elegant cat favored by Russian and English royalty, learn how to identify the Russian Blue cat..

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In the past I had boarded them, but getting them there was a terrible experience, so now a friend comes in to check on them daily while I am away. This breed does not like change, preferring for things to be uniform and predictable. Some Russian blues don't act like Russian blues are supposed to act, too.
identify russian blue

The paws are oval. Do you have a cat-related question? Look at the head shape, identify russian blue. There are no white or. At the beginning there could be a fight where they will try to assert dominance. Ive never seen that. Cookies make wikiHow better. Russian Blues are known for being both intelligent and independent. The eyes of a Korat are wide open and oversized for the face. They quickly get the message, but you have to keep at it all the time. Powered By Mow - Wordpress Popup Plugin. Ask a Behaviorist How to Train Cats to Scratch Only Where They Should. Breeders were breeding traits into their lines based on their own preferences, so that their Blues would be deals body health in one area, but never overall. It appears silvery grey, though blue is a traditional description for this color. Even still, every now and then they avoid. Check the color of the foot pads to identify a Russian Blue cat. Notice how its eyes are golden yellow? The Korat has a well-defined profile with a slight stop between forehead and nose. War II when blue-point Siamese were used as outcrosses to increase.

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  • You weren't going to treat your cat any differently anyway, were you?

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Whenever I come home from work, he's waiting by the door to give me a snuggle, and at night he sleeps on my bed as does my Mackerel Tabby. The Exotic Rare Breed Savannah Cat. They are an adult cat, but that is not to say they won't try to get along with children. I named mine Earl Grey, and it's quite fitting. The female just takes it and is very quiet, but the male lets out such howls!

identify russian blue

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Repeat with the second brush on the opposite cheek... The second is the undercoat, which is very soft and. Adding to the captivating physical qualities of this breed is the eye color.

identify russian blue