magazine cost conundrum

A recent article in The New Yorker magazine attracted national attention to the practice of medicine in McAllen, Texas. The article drew conclusions on why.
Six years ago, I wrote an article for this magazine, titled “The Cost Conundrum,” which explored the problem of unnecessary care in McAllen.
President Obama recently summoned aides to the Oval Office to discuss a magazine article investigating why the border town of McAllen, Tex..

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We may be more obese than any other industrialized nation, but we have among the lowest rates of smoking and alcoholism, and we are in the middle of the range for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. My Account Sign Out. The amount of unnecessary care appeared to be huge. This week, in the journal Health Affairs , the researchers published their findings. Even if health reform disappears, these fundamental problems will not. Billy Joel Parking Lot.

magazine cost conundrum

I had what I considered to be a reasonable plan for finding out what was going on in McAllen. SDN Members don't see this ad. With time, the anger of colleagues subsided. Link Your Subscription Have a login? Search this thread. With instruction on eating a lower-fat diet, most patients experience no further difficulties.

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  • They figure out ways to increase their high-margin work and decrease their low-margin work. The system gives ample reward for overtreatment and no reward for eliminating it.
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Cost: at most, a hundred dollars. Given the attention my article directed toward its work, and the financial stakes involved, its research has faced tremendous scrutiny. Activists and policymakers spend an inordinate amount of time arguing about whether the solution to high medical costs is to have government or private insurance companies write the checks. Would you be surprised if you got a house with a thousand outlets, faucets, and cabinets, at three times the cost you expected, and the whole thing fell apart a couple of years later? Billy Joel Parking Lot. Indeed, Cortese says that the Florida site has become, in some respects, the most efficient one in the system. Search this forum only.

magazine cost conundrum

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He had no new leg or foot weakness. Our thirty most popular. Yet he insisted that he had no regrets. Maybe I will end up having to go back. Satire from the Borowitz Report.

magazine cost conundrum