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HiTech Pilot Cars provides Professional, Certified, Reliable Pilot Cars in the lower 48 states and now serving Canada. We offer outstanding Escorts for lead.
McCollister's Transportation Group, Inc. offers pilot cars for our heavy haul projects. These pilot cars are essential to ensuring all heavy haul projects we perform  Missing: mrnbvg ‎ hitech.
Acme maintains a list of approved and certified pilot car services for our Terminals. Escort companies can request approval after verifying certification and   Missing: mrnbvg ‎ hitech....

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There are also certain over dimensional loads that require state or local police escorts, as an example these are loads that require two lanes or require temporary road closures. State Requirements for Pilot Cars. Find the Exact Legal Sunrise and Sunset Times for ANY City According to the US Naval Observatory! DRIVE ACME GET A QUOTE. These cars also carry maps and emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits, in case unforeseen circumstances arise..

It usually has flashing lights, bright flags that catch the notice of others on the road, and a CB radio for communicating with the person driving the oversized load. There are MANY MORE OPTIONS for Listing and Marketing Your Pilot Car Service! District of Columbia Guidelines. The general catch all term for non-legal simply meaning permits are required to legally transport loads is: over dimensional. This is the dating curtsmith adult adolescence recently divorced safe way to transport these types of over dimensional loads, and safety on the highway should be your number one concern. These are called pilot cars or escort vehicles, and the people who drive them are trained professionals who specialize in this type of driving.

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Trucker Portal Customer Portal. Dispatchers, Heavy Haul Drivers and Pilot Car Service Companies Can Use Our Directory to Find a Pilot Car Service for Their Loads or Find Extra Help for any Oversize Load! State Requirements for Pilot Cars. In Pennsylvania the pilot car will need to have specific insurance coverage requirements..

mrnbvg hitech pilot cars