questions google engine search custom scoring

Custom scoring is one of our top priority feature requests. We're hoping to have a Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged python · google -app- engine gae- search or ask your own question.
I am trying to use Google App Engine's Search API to get documents based I have read the documentation of RescoringMatchScorer and it says that it can return a score based on java · google -app- engine google - search -api or ask your own question. Google App Engine Search API custom scoring.
Unlike search engine labels, refinement labels are visible to your the ranking if you are using the Custom Search XML annotations file. . The scores you apply to annotations to modulate the search engine labels also apply to the refinement labels. . Ask a question under the google - custom - search tag.

Questions google engine search custom scoring - expedition fast

Search engine labels determine which sites should be covered by the search. Grading with a Rubric. You don't have to create labels and tag sites with them from scratch.

questions google engine search custom scoring

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