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Senator Ted Cruz has released a statement blasting Democrats for the Orlando Anti -LGBT Republican Ted Cruz wants to 'end political correctness' .. on this topic? detikhots.info rachelwitkin /.
Andrew Cuomo said Friday that Ted Cruz's comment about "New York Andrew Cuomo: Cruz's 'New York values' statement is ' anti -American'.
Ted Cruz has made many public anti -gay statements. Here's a few 1. When Ted Cruz More at detikhots.info rachelwitkin /.

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Some stands up to denounce murder and the mentality that propagate those murder and the anonymous liberal morons on this page lie so that they can feel superior. Perhaps if he had lived he would have got divorced, come out of the closet, said he never fancied women, and then become a gay porn star. What are the facts. Barbara Mikulski will not run for a sixth term. Everyone would just accept that he had been radicalised. He would not option an amendment to the constitution over marriage rights. And Shillary is a lesbian who shot Vince Foster because she was pregnant with his love child!

rachelwitkin cruz anti statements

Atlas tuba uterina decision's been made, and that is the law of the land. This is priceless coming from cruz, given his history…. Whether the issue is marriage equality or critical protection from discrimination, Cruz has consistently opposed equality for LGBT Americans. These comments are un-moderated and do not necessarily represent the views of PinkNews. In no way did Cruz denounce LGBT. The best of NCRM, delivered straight to your inbox. Immigration had nothing to "rachelwitkin cruz anti statements" with this the guy was born in New Yorkthe Democrats have nothing to do with. Subscribe to our Daily E-Blast. If you people expect to be taken seriously you need to argue with facts not intolerant hatespeak. It should come as no surprise that Cruz is staunchly opposed to LGBT rights. The fact is, as I keep saying, we do not know, and will never know.

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I look at what I know about the facts. You had a girlfriend and came out as gay. He beat his wife up, so he was gay?

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None of that means he was gay. Seriously, you think that makes someone gay. This bill will safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for its residents.