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Instructor: Ronitt Rubinfeld: Teaching Assistant: Krzysztof Onak: Time: MW:00 Brief Course description: The power and sources of randomness in computation. Course Information [ pdf ] [ps]; Problem Set 1, due [ pdf ] [ps] (see the notes for Lecture 11); Lecture 13: Yao's XOR Lemma.
This is an introductory course in Discrete Mathematics oriented toward Computer Counting Discrete Probability Theory A version of this course from a previous term Lecture Notes · Assignments · Exams · Download Course Materials Ronitt Rubinfeld Lecture notes · Assignments and solutions · Exams and solutions.
Tom Leighton and Ronitt Rubinfeld. Lecture Notes. Graph Theory differences do not matter. 2 Note that we do allow graphs without edges however. . graph. Create a vertex for each course with a final exam. Put an edge...

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ronitt course download notes

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ronitt course download notes