things that make britney spears happy

“Born To Make You Happy ” may introduce one of Britney's most breathy vocal line on “Born” is pure melodrama, and it's what makes me love.
Happy Birthday, Britney Spears! Here are Happy Birthday to the one and only Britney Spears! . What makes Britney the ultimate cover girl?.
Shortly after Britney Spears sent us the following list, she tweeted that her single " Oops! I Did It Again" had just turned old enough to get a.

Things that make britney spears happy flying

But the instincts are theirs, nonetheless, to be felt and worked through — and pop has always had a role to play in that. OK, let's move on. Wander around in the archives, or join in with the marvellous bunch of commenters we've managed to attract - new voices always very welcome! I know I've been a fool since you've been gone. Remember "Email My Heart"?

things that make britney spears happy

The Secret History Of Band Aid Everybody remembers Band Aid. Miley isn't the only one that hearts Britney. I must admit, my beachy wave updo was on point. Also slightly surprised this was never a US single, though! My boys, of course! Britney looked quite chic in the vid. Trying my best to understand. Most of the electricity comes from the singer. She can shelf show western pioneer romance fierce and glam. Lucky, which is in the same musical vein but with a more obviously autobiographical lyric, always struck me as the better song. Not everyone can say they are friends with Britney, but if you're Miley Cyrus you. Slug of Time Podcast. Specifically the way that the hits of Lesley Gore, or the Crystals, or the Shangri-Las are best understood as a kind of ultra-stylised ritual drama, a pop equivalent of Kabuki or Greek tragedy. But, always the trend-setter, Spears also sports ones with short sleeves. I like the touches of flamenco guitar and the wah-wah guitar chord that acts as a punctuation mark. Last but certainly not least.

Flying fast: Things that make britney spears happy

  • And although that might sound silly to some, I totally understand her.
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Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy live in Hawai (with lyric)

Things that make britney spears happy -- flying

And it had almost everything to do with the school girl uniform she wore in it. MTV and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Music from the Shows. Just to show you how much I care alright ooh. And in fact, she can do that very well.

things that make britney spears happy