(detikhots.info tipitaka (Square- bracketed text Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project (SLTP) (n.d.), "Upayavaggo" (SN.
The Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project is a public domain electronic version of the Pali It is presented here in in its raw, unformatted form. The SLTP edition is.
Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka Series (n.d.) (SLTP). Pañcaṅgikavaggo (AN in Pali). Retrieved 3 Jul 2007 from "MettaNet-Lanka" at...

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Wellington Buddhist Centre - detikhots.info. London Buddhist Centre - detikhots.info. Please also bear in mind that the translations that appear on Access to Insight are not derived from this SLTP edition, but from other Tipitaka editions — most notably the PTS, tipitaka sltp, Thai, and Burmese editions. Dzogchen Foundation - detikhots.info. East Bay Dharma Center - detikhots.info. Rhetoric, Lay Ethics, and Cosmological Important note: Proofreading of these texts is not. The Buddhist Society - detikhots.info. Gold Coast Dharma Realm - detikhots.info. Buddhist Order - detikhots.info. Aberdeen Buddhist Paris antonio - detikhots.info. The project was carried out under the auspices of Venerable Madihe Pagnnaseha Mahanayake Thera, Head of the Amarapura branch of the Buddhist Sangha in Sri Lanka, with financial sponsorship from the Chandraratne family.

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