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Frog took me to the Loire Valley to visit the famous châteaux and it was my most memorable trip of France. Enjoy my top 10 châteaux to visit in.
If you've been to the region, you will have noticed the Loire Valley Shuffle, the desperate These places need the life putting back into them.
Who doesn't love a good castle? But you The Loire Valley is home to 42 châteaux. that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Loire Valley is one of France's most popular tourist destinations outside Paris itself..

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Great gardens Some of the chateaux gardens are destinations in their own right. We decided to travel to France as soon as we could afford it. Wine tours: vineyards and discoveries. Very soft and easy to work, tuffeau was extensively quarried from the river valley banks, thus giving rise to the troglodyte dwellings. The Best Hotels In Pays de la Loire. Not all were fit for polite company. Chaumont holds an annual International Garden Festival. Nevertheless, the latter reclaimed the castle upon her husband's death and spousal justice was served.

Family holidays in Loire Valley. The best gardens of the Loire Valley, France. Explore great destinations with inspiring itineraries and knowledgeable guides. Things to do near Auberge du Bon Laboureur, tourist attractions loire valley chateaux lova. But Villandry, by the River Cher, is something. There's not much left of the castle now but what there is is engrossing, following a recent multi- million euro makeover. Wine tours: vineyards and discoveries. Loire Valley chateaux, France - Interactive map. I LOVE your photos! Meanwhile, don't miss the stable-block: it was essentially a stately home for horses. During the French Revolution, rebels pillaged the castle and hunted the animals in the surrounding forest to near extinction. Discover your next holidays in France! Spend some time admiring the cathedral's remarkable facade. And I'm happy to report that his kitchens remain intact. Photo: Alamy Chenonceau reminds you why you admire France. The property features a walking path, decorative pools, and many roses.