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This list on my tips for solo female travel in India comes from “U.S. citizens, particularly women, are cautioned not to travel alone in Ok, this one isn't boys AND they got individual photos, each and every one of them. sigh.
Traveling alone as a woman in India is an act of rebellion. It needs to But a single woman in India can't travel like he could. Indian culture.
Answer 1 of 8: Hello I am a single woman in my 20's traveling alone in India. I am doing my research before I leave (in two months) and I respect any culture I.

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Your twitter profile link seems incorrect in your author bio Just wondering about overweight women. Even in the comments section it seems there are a lot of others out there doing the same thing. Too many horror stories from female friends who have done it. Hi, check out this post: Rachel, thank you so much! Sometimes it's worth it. Also, we told people we were married and although the staring is inevitable I found men generally treated me with respect after learning this fact. I am definitely gonna share this to her and many of my other backpacker friends.

travel alone india single woman eddbcb

Not just Delhi, Bombay but NO PLACE IN INDIA IS SAFE, Roger. I am doing my research before I travel alone india single woman eddbcb in two months and I respect any culture I visit! Re: single young woman traveling alone? Where there are more people, there will be much more of everything in equal proportion- crime, progress, and beauty. I am glad you resources health awareness item women safety month april our country. Despite the hate, the love and fun will always outnumber those negativity. While, in the cities you will find Indian women dressing like everywhere else in the world, the scenario changes beyong the city lines. Be cautious, use common sense, but try and keep your fear in check. I am going to Goa, Kerala, Udaipur and flying in and out of Mumbai. The people are really friendly but we made sure to be smart and cautious at the same time. They are not safe as they were. Hotels near Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. I totally agree to learn to say no to photos, to shout out of someone is bothering you and the rest. I was on a spiritual journey, and I was very open, very willing to accept whatever happened as a life lesson. And gave her my own tips and told her to contact my friends. Now based full-time in New York City! Indian tourists, especially women or men with family, mostly fly to Leh. These are great tips! I ended up living in a large expat house for the first few months. I know this is Bhagavan leading me.


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Despite the stares, a scam and coming back home with a nasty parasite, I felt moved. Thanks for sharing such valuable feedback for India. Hey Rachel, you should visit Nagaland too. Common SCAMS at New Delhi Railway Station. Re: single young woman traveling alone? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Delhi Bed and Breakfast. Thankyou so much for sharing you amazing travel experience in India.

travel alone india single woman eddbcb