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Want a guide to the best clubs in Venice? Find reviews for great Venice nightlife, wild nightclubs, swinging jazz clubs, and more at Party Earth!.
Drink in the sunshine at the numerous beachside lounges, outdoor patios and rooftop bars of Venice Beach, California.
Discover the best nightlife in Venice, from on-trend aperitivo spots to lively jazz clubs, with Time Out's local experts...

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Sleek and modern, this dance club and lounge is a prime party spot for the club hoppers up and down Main Street. Hotels near Canal Grande.

venice nightclubs discos nightlife

I met my husband at your bar. This intimate bar offers the perfect combination of jazz music, venice nightclubs discos nightlife, drinks, and pizza. You will find only locals in this little bar, mostly to eat a cicchetto and drink an ombra glass of wine in the Venetian dialect. Thank you for your. The idea of a good night out is to relax with friends, have something great to eat, and share drinks, mixed with good conversation. Be warned that drinks are extremely expensive. If you like Jazz music and want to hear some live escorts escort stockholm larya cannot miss to spend an evening at this little bar near campo Santa Margherita. Getting through the studded iron door, however, is at the sole discretion of the eccentric owner, but. One of the most colorful neighborhoods in America, Venice Beach is loved for its warm weather, cool ocean breezes and fun parade of characters that give the area a distinct and amusing personality. This is the only place open after hours and where you can dance like a crazy. Venice nightclubs discos nightlife Minute Hotels in Venice.

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Irish and international beers are on tap. See recent posts by Virtual Tourist. Discover Book Share Follow Us. Once the snacking is over, however, most clubbers head over the bridge to Mestre or, better yet, take a quick boat ride to Lido, where nightclubs from swanky to totally unpretentious are often on the same block. Well spaced and still cozy, the atmosphere is lively but not too loud.

Venice nightclubs discos nightlife - - flying fast

Things to Do in Venice. For listings and information relating to events, see A Guest in Venice , which also offers a printed publication throughout the year available in most good hotels. About The World Travel Guide.

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