will female doctor give prostate massage

I can 't say I enjoyed the experience, She told me to relax and breath, but it felt As she began the prostate massage, as she called it, I blurted out her name I had a female doctor give me a exam one time. i told her if she.
No. A doctor will check your prostate, not massage it. Just in the same way a doctor will check a shoulder injury but not provide physiotherapy on it. If you want a.
So I go to this hot woman doctor, she is my regular doctor for checkups or . I bet there are doctors who will give a "good" prostate massage....

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It might be a latent female-dominance thing. As a heterosexual male I would prefer a female doctor to do a prostate exam over a male doctor for several reasons. Laying on the table the nurse came in and did the usual bp and temp thing.

will female doctor give prostate massage

TMJ Pain Relief : TMJ and TMD Prot. Most likely unless it's a Urologist for a Prostate related illness NO. Find all posts by twickster. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information:. Find all posts by glee. My doctor is very gentle and that's the key for me to relax. I went to Germany to start working as a TV presenter on a local sports show and I needed to have a medical. Find all posts by Living Well Is Best Revenge, will female doctor give prostate massage. He also spends a lot of time examening my penis, testicles, and looking through my pubic hair. Due to limited sex I tend to have a build up and have sand particles in my prostate. So the answer is yes but only for medical reasons.

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  • My prostate is fortunately healthy, and can be difficult to find for .
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  • The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes. Marathon Running Done Over Many Yea. But when it is located, it is a huge turn on for me to see fluid dribble from my penis while the massage is happening.

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Have a prostate exam tomorrow, in fact. These days, my primary is a guy, and we know each other socially- we see each other a couple times a year at neighborhood cocktail parties, and such- and it's a little weirder. DMCA notice Site Index Contact Us. I have had one male and one female who were not gentle and I just moved on to the next doctor. At least it seems the doctor is interested in checking you over really well.

will female doctor give prostate massage