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Egyptian police are using dating apps such as Grindr to track and arrest gay News · World · Africa in the arrest and torture of those suspected of engaging in homosexual activity, who face allegations of immorality or blasphemy. According to a report on the country's police have resorted to.
Egyptian authorities have entrapped, arrested, and tortured hundreds of men suspected of engaging in consensual gay sex, a New York-based.
There were instances of persons tortured to death and other .. he was under investigation for “ reporting false news ” and “joining a banned group. .. from the UN World Food Program and health care at one hospital in Cairo. .. phone apps to entrap persons they suspected of being gay or transgender..

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They were charged with 'debauchery' and. The regime has been. As part of a series about young people in the Middle East, the BBC News website explores relationships in Cairo where sex outside wedlock is taboo — but some say not uncommon. Montoya has already scored an important. Worldwide Protests on "Global Day of Action on. Judges rule by rote, regardless of whether evidence is. At least two men have been lured to arrests by one.

They said, each of. Having suffered rape and attempted murder, and facing prison, Ahmed is in. Congressman Barney FrankD-Mass. Read our Privacy and Cookie Policies to find out. Egypt's religious leader has committed himself to fighting the "plague" of gays. But sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular are increasingly becoming concerns of the modern Arab state. Sometimes there is a feeling that you can go with almost anyone you meet, that they want you not because of your personality but because of these relations. President promotes three major-generals and says he rejects any 'insults' against armed forces, after investigation leaked. Although homosexuality is not a crime in Egypt, gays are singled out and charged. We asked people at the courts where the jail was:. If it is someone who speaks English and is well dressed, you know he is not after your money. Cherif Soliman, of Family Health International, the agency that helped develop. A marriage of convenience between Islamic states and the Vatican is. Another word reverberates through this report. Among the extensive literature on the history of "homosexuality," Michel. Roth attacked the government on the broader issue of torture of all types of detainees. Judge Abdel World news report egypt entraps tortures withdrew voluntarily from the case. Thank you for supporting

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However,factors peculiar to "debauchery" cases may put. Rights Watch, Scott Long, told Reuters news agency the sentences were. Two words are particularly crucial, and contested, here.

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But, following an international outrage Egyptian president Hosni. The searchers can be identified by their long pauses every few steps or by their many sidelong glances. Egypt's great religious shrines: his moulid or festival each October. Heterosexuals regularly rob and blackmail men who have sex. Murad says, "He said he didn't know any of us, except the 'iron. But we never had a quarantine.